Consulting, Development, and Management Experience

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Housing Management Experience

Since 1990, Kenneth S. Becker has been involved in the management of affordable multifamily rental housing as a Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) and Management Agent, either independently or in conjunction with other management companies, in the successful management of over 40 apartment complexes.
Kenneth Becker's management experience includes buildings that range in size from duplexes to a large 197 unit multifamily housing development. Experience includes conventionally financed housing, as well as housing financed through various programs associated with HUD, WHEDA, and Rural Development. Management experience has included managing housing for families, senior citizens, and disabled populations in over twenty (20) communities throughout the State of Wisconsin.

Consulting and Development Experience

Becker Property Services, LLC, in addition to providing full service property management, has been providing consulting and development services on a national basis since 1984. Becker Property Services, a/k/a Becker Consulting Services, was the Consultant or Co-consultant in the various stages of development over 80 HUD Section 202 and Section 811 developments throughout the United States.

Becker Consulting Services has had the opportunity and privilege to work with more than two dozen different non-profit sponsor/owner organizations in the development of over 80 HUD Section 202 and Section 811 affordable housing complexes. Becker Consulting Services successfuly developed HUD Section 202 and HUD Section 811 developments in twelve (12) different states. States where we have developed accessible and affordable housing for senior and disabled populations include: Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Other Experience

Joseph P. Becker
1950 - 1951 - Attorney for Wisconsin Real Estate Board
1951 - 1960 - Single Family Builder (2,300 Homes)
1961 - 1968 - Commercial and Muilti-family Developer (2,000 D.U.)
1969 - 1984 - HUD Official
1984 - 2004 - Housing Consultant, Becker Consulting Services

Kenneth S. Becker
1982 - 1988 - Bank Controller and Personal Banking Officer
1988 - - Housing Consultant, Becker Consulting Services
1990 - 2002 - Vice President of Property Management Firm
2002 - - Owner/President of Becker Property Services, LLC

Other Education, Certifications, and Licenses

Joseph P. Becker
BA, University of Wisconsin - Madison. - Accounting
JA, University of Wisconsin - Madison. - Law School

Kenneth S. Becker
BBA, University of Wisconsin - Madison. - Finance, Investment and Banking
Risk and Insurance
MBA, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. - Management
COS, National Center for Housing Management
Real Estate Broker, State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing