“Becker Properties is a tremendous resource with extensive multi-family housing, development, and management knowledge. Their knowledge of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA), and Rural Development housing programs and personnel is invaluable.”

Attorney John Yentz
The Schroeder Group, s.c.,
Attorneys at Law

“As President of Housing of Limited Income Elderly (HOLIE), I have worked closely with Ken Becker and Becker Property Services for at least 25 years. Their expertise has been essential to the success of our organization. From his knowledge of HUD and local governments in regards to funding, property regulations, and zoning issues, they have been invaluable in helping us to build apartments for limited income people in our area. He has handled all property management issues with the utmost respect and fairness. I would highly recommend their services to anyone!”

Pastor Fred Thomas-Breitfeld
President, Housing of Limited Income Elderly

“I worked as an apartment manager at multiple locations for Becker Properties for nearly 15 years. Becker Properties was always supportive of me as an employee and truly cared about the buildings and each individual tenant.”

Lynn Jensen
Former Becker Property Services Employee

“Schultz Development Group has been navigating the nuances of developing affordable housing, a highly specialty area of real estate development for the past 20 yrs. with Becker Consulting using a prevailing rate structure. I have found Becker Consulting’s breadth and depth of experience in the Milwaukee area affordable housing market unparalleled. Becker Consulting makes an extraordinarily strong development partner you can count on.”

Robert Schultz, President
Schultz Development Group

“HOLIE, Inc (Housing Of Limited Income Elderly) is an ecumenical, faith based, grass roots endeavor, to serve the housing needs of low income elderly in southeast Wisconsin. Ken Becker and his firm have worked with HOLIE in securing government grants to develop apartment complexes and then manage the housing units upon completion. Becker Property Services manages all of HOLIE’s apartment complexes. I served as President of the HOLIE group for over 25 years. Ken Becker has proven to be knowledgeable and professional throughout this long and productive relationship with HOLIE.”

Rev. Joseph M. Lewandowski,
Past President, HOLIE, Inc.

“I have worked closely with Ken over the years. I know him and his company to be very professional and experienced property managers. They will always look out for the best interests of their clients.”

Attorney Daniel Chudnow
Chudnow Law Offices, LLC